How to Jumpstart a BMW

November 21st, 2018 by

Jumper Cables on Car Battery
Getting stranded with a dead battery isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, particularly on a cold day in Walnut Creek. But there are some quick and easy steps you can take to get yourself back on the road in a warm car. Find out how to jumpstart a car battery here, and then bring your vehicle in for service at BMW Concord in Concord, where we have lots of lease specials going on now!

1. Find Another Driver with a Car to Help Out.

Find someone with a working vehicle and ask them to help you jump your car. Have them pull up nose to nose or side by side with your vehicle. Put both cars in park and make sure their parking brakes are engaged.

2. Prep the Car & Gather Materials.

Pop the hood of your BMW and remove the jumper cables from your trunk.

3. Attach the Jumper Cables to Your Car.

In this several step process, you’ll want to:

  • Attach one of the red clamps to the positive (POS/+) terminal on your vehicle.
  • Attach the other red clamp to the other vehicle’s positive terminal.
  • Attach one of the black clips to the other vehicle’s negative terminal.
  • Attach the other black clip to an unpainted metal surface on your vehicle.

4. Charge Your Battery.

Start the other person’s car, and allow it to charge up your car battery for several minutes.

5. Start Your Car.

After a few minutes are up, go to your car and try to start it. If it doesn’t turn on, check to make sure the jumper cables are properly installed, and try again in a few minutes. If your car still doesn’t start after a few tries, it might be completely dead, in which case you likely will need to call a tow truck.

Bring Your Car in for BMW Service Near Lafayette

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